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      Arlene Kaipio

      Alien Dawn
      An Investigation Into the Contact Experience

      by Colin Wilson

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      • Genres: paranormal, psychology, mystery
      • Release date: October 28, 1998
      • Publisher: Fromm International (NYC)
      • Author: Colin Wilson
      • Language: english
      • Format: hardcover, 352 pages
      • ISBN: 9780880642262 (0880642262)

      About The Book

      In over 80 books, Wilson has reported on a wide variety of alternate realities involving crime, sex & the occult, all based on the underlying premise that our everyday consciousness is meager compared with powers potentially available to us. This attempt at a synthesis of the alien/UFO phenomenon shows his encyclopedic strength to be also his weakness. In his zeal for inclusiveness, he reports not only on the history of UFOs from mythology thru Kenneth Arnold to Philip Corso (The Day After Roswell), but also writes about Uri Geller, LSD research, crop circles, ley lines, the Loch Ness monster, remote viewing, Jung, hypnotism, poltergeists, Ouspensky, out-of-body experiences, quantum physics & a great deal more. There’s little new here: much of the book is composed of unfootnoted 2nd- & 3rd-hand accounts of UFOs, alien encounters & (perhaps) related phenomena drawn from other sources, resulting in an unfocused catalog of anecdotes, the larger import of which is rarely assessed. Periodically he asks, as if talking to himself: “What, then, are we to make of it all?” At times he finds unbelievability a plus: after all, if someone were simply fabricating a story, wouldn’t they make it more plausible? By the time readers reach the chapter titled “Oh no, not again!” the phrase has an unintended inflection. In the end, he seems to regard aliens — whatever they are — as agents in the transformation of consciousness, but he provides little solid support for, or elucidation of, such a hypothesis. — Publishers Weekly (edited)

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