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      <p> However, these are easy to skim into the chain stitches you’ve made in the mini-tube. However, I was pretty sure that with this cotton jacket, more was required, so it was on to the second step–the stabilizing column of stitches. By lengthening the garter stitch band of the little lacy jacket, this particular stress was removed, so there was less tension to cause flipping in the first place. The kind used on this project are called “wrap and lift,” the third kind covered in the how-to post (scroll).The “wraps” were formed around the first stitch of the stockinette of the jacket front, NOT the last stitch of the garter fabric of the band. This mini-tube in the fabric arises because the garter stitch is thick, but the stockinette is not. To lengthen, short rows were inserted on the jacket’s garter stitch band after every 10th row, per the schematic below.</p>

      <p> One final note: where the short rows are, the rhythm of the fabric is disturbed. As a result of turning, the blue garter fabric formerly illustrated on the right is now on the left. Yet I have never actually taken the time to measure the length difference between stockinette and garter stitch fabrics. This step was done with a crochet hook and a length of running yarn. This loop is drawn downward THROUGH mini-tube, below the ladder in green marked “1.” Next, the crochet hook is pushed UP in the air on the OUTSIDE of the mini tube, so that it now passes in FRONT of ladder 1, with the golden loop remaining parked around its barrel. This action will be repeated over and over, each new loop drawn in FRONT of the preceding ladder and THROUGH the preceding loop–the new loop of running yarn therefore going through TWO loops each time–the old gold loop left parked around the hook-barrel and the next green ladder below. In the photo to the left, the stitches of this chain has been picked out in gold highlighting, so that you can see what it looks like in the real world.</p>

      <p> LOT flatter with a LOT LESS flipping than without the operation–flat enough to wear the garment open, at any rate, as shown by the opening photo. If the very top of the garment is yielding–if the neck back stretches out sideways and the shoulder seams are soft–then that garment will slip and slide from your shoulders and will never sit right. Definitely a simple all over quilting will be in order. Sybilla is catapulting these plums at John and they’re going all over the place. This is because, as stated above, the band is to be knit full-width, with the wrap going around the first stockinette stitch, not around the last garter stitch. These long floats have been turned into a ladderback securely fasted onto the fabric back on every single row–this ladderback is going nowhere, no matter how roughly it is treated and no matter how long the float is.</p>

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