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      Happy Home Paradise costs $25 to purchase, but players who subscribe to the newly launched Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack plan can access the DLC at no additional cost. An individual Expansion Pack subscription costs $50 per year, while an annual family plan membership — which covers up to eight Nintendo accounts across multiple systems — costs $80.

      According to the company, the issue could cause players to experience “gameplay bugs” if they attempted to remodel a villager’s home while their island’s airport gate is open. The newly released 2.0.1 patch resolves this bug along with a handful of other issues. You can read the full patch notes, courtesy of Nintendo’s support website, below.

      Fixed an issue that would allow players to proceed with the game without designing the school when normally the school would need to be designed. If you have save data where you proceeded without designing the school, you can use the following methods to restore your save data to proper conditions.

      Ajak’s team believed that they’d wiped out all the Deviants on Earth, but Ikarus discovered some that had been frozen in ice and went unnoticed. The beasties thawed out, and Ikarus slayed his boss by pushing her into their lair. 

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      The movie takes place after Avengers: Endgame, when billions of vanished people returned after a five-year absence and the world is suddenly feeling pretty crowded. We’ll also have a separate article diving into the post-credits scenes, if you want to jump straight to those.

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      A 46-year-old man was arrested at Fairfield Police Station about 10pm on Friday, and charged with attempt murder, causing grievous bodily harm to person with intent and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

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      For senior living centers, residents can use Alexa devices to communicate with family and other residents, as well as to stay up to date with their community’s news. A resident’s Alexa device could also be used to streamline administrative tasks like check-ins and maintenance requests. This will “provide a better experience for residents, while creating empowered and more connected communities,” Amazon said in a release.

      #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons players who own the Happy Home Paradise DLC may experience gameplay bugs if they visit Resident Services and ask to remodel a resident’s home while the gates at their airport are open. [1/3]

      Earth’s Emergence Earth’s Eternals were responsible for ensuring that the Celestial Tiamut could grow deep within the Earth’s crust and break out when the time was right, but Prime Eternal Ajak was the only one aware of their true mission. She revealed it to second-in-command Ikarus (Richard Madden), who reckons her desire to stop Tiamut’s Emergence is a betrayal of their mission and will prevent the births of billions of beings through the next Celestial seeding process.

      The Eternals believe they’re from the world of Olympia, but they’re actually synthetic beings created by the Celestials at the World-Forge and sent to wipe out the Deviants (meaning one creation was sent to stop another). Their memories are wiped after each Emergence, and they’re sent off to a new planet to do it all again.

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