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      <p> Go back to the starting tip of your cord and identify the bottom laddered strand passing behind the first row of loops (see photos below). What we have now is a loosely-tensioned 3-stitch I-cord, tidy on the front, laddered on the back, and with a spare loop hanging off the starting tip. Insert hook into the leftmost loop, yarn over and pull up a loop (you can let go of all the base loops now). 8. Pull on both strands, one at a time, to tighten the loop on the hook. It’s one of the gemstones that continues to stand the test of time, retaining its popularity through the centuries. After examining it, and checking its freshness, I decided to take some photos to record some details of the bird’s plumage. 1. Hold the loop on the hook with a right-hand finger or thumb (see photos below). The Grand Portage band of Minnesota Chippewa hold their annual pow-wow adjacent to the Monument.</p>

      <p> Grace Ingram also wrote as Doris Sutcliffe Adams, although I haven’t read any of her novels under the second name because they are hard to get hold of and frightfully expensive. I knew nothing of Lippi’s paintings before I read A Gift for the Magus but by the end of the novel I was eager to go exploring and discover his work. I also got to read tarot the other night for a party of sixteen year old girls. Only Conservative Party members tweeted opposition to removing the statues. Sometimes the signs are just not that obvious. We are going to be busy making some! If making a long I-cord, warm up first with some waste yarn. First was a private BOM I am participating in. When you’re ready to join the larger loop, first insert the hook through the back loop of that center chain stitch, then through the stitch you’re joining to. My I-cord always gets a little tighter after the first few inches, as my hands warm up and remember how best to hold the loops. The best time to water your roses is in the morning.</p>

      <p> Water availability can be a critical restricting factor when establishing a backyard garden. Their long, jointed appendages and improved water conservation meant they were well adapted for quick travel across land. Action and relief work together and the guitar will play well if both are set properly. Try not to put tension on the yarn or the other loops; it’s okay to work loosely. Your work should look like the photo below, with 3 loops on the hook, and 1 loop hanging off to the right. Her eyes go up at the right hand side when she thinks of her father. To fix after the fact, release only that column of loops back to the mistake, pick up the loop again (the right way), then hook up the released column of stitches just as you did the afterthought column. The air smelt scrubbed and fresh, as if the snow had cleaned it on the way down.</p>

      <p> This scarf was designed last winter, and submitted in the spring, so as you can see I have snow on my mind in other months than December! And late last night, when Mr. M went to lock up the porch, I heard him exclaim in surprise. It will come as no surprise to you that I am most definitely a ‘layer. All new computers mostly come with a new family of hard drives known as solid state drives. When you see people in their homes you can say, “you know what? Go get that. I want you to hold up the product that you’re using, and tell me when you’re using it.” You could even say, “show me how much you’re using.” Now, we can ask our patients to bring their medication when they come to clinic, but I can tell you that this doesn’t always happen. Apple had to put its iPhone X on backorder just after its release in 2017. Even though the initial supply of the phone sold out, demand remained high. Now tug firmly on both ends of your I-cord to even up the stitches.</p>

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