This includes information that is relevant to our Fish Tank students and mentors. This page will be updated regularly.

Program Information
    • Student Project Guide – This document includes the fine details of the Fish Tank Competition. Please take a moment to review to understand how our program works, important dates, information on the competition topic (Plastics), and competition rules.
    • NexTech Technical Report Guide – This presentation was delivered by Bruce Meyers (President, Okahara and Associates) and Renee Ishisaka (Project Engineer, SSFM, International. It covers the expectations of the Engineering Technical Report, a key competition deliverable.
    • Fish Tank Frequently Asked Questions
    • NexTech Hawaii Fish Tank Facebook Group – Join our group to collaborate with other Fish Tank participants and the Fish Tank team.
    • Fish Tank Launch Presentation – This presentation was shared at the January 11, 2020, Fish Tank Competition Kick-Off.
    • Dr. Bill Bellows’ talk – Dr. Bellows, a guest, provided an impromptu talk on problem-solving at our January 11, 2020 Kick-Off. He offered a peek into systems thinking and an approach for how to view problems and their causes.
    • Materials from our “Creating the Technical Report and Notebook Workshop”, held at UH Hilo on February 1, 2020. This covers the training offered by engineers Renee Ishisaka and Bruce Meyers.
      • Here are images of a sample notebook that was shared at the event. Sample notebook.
    • Presentation Workshop video – this is the recording of the Zoom conference, held on March 28, 2020. Stephanie Hall-Morin provided Fish Tank participants with tips on effective presentations.
Plastics and Recycling
Presentation Skills Resources
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